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Horace Slughorn - Jim Broadben digital double

Hey guys,

We are happy to show you our latest personal project. A digital double of Horace Slughorn (from Harry Potter.)
The main sculpting / modeling is done by Felix Ferrand, without any scan.
And I (Jordan) was in charge of everything in the render (lookdev, texturing, hair ..)

It was our first "realistic" project, based on a real character. And we learnt so much doing this.
I hope you'll like it and recognize it.

We would like to spend more time on him because we can see a lot of problems, but we learnt a lot and that was the purpose.
Everything is done in Maya/ zBrush, and rendering with Arnold. Texturing in Mari (textures / hand made) and displacement is done with texturing xyz (in Mari too).

Turn version will be done in few days (so hard to render everything in one computer aha).

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
I'll keep streaming my next project on my twitch account.
So if you want, you can follow us here, on twitter or facebook.

Cheers guys :)